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edition of the "the journal editorial report." thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. we hope youto see you right here next week. you all right here next week. captioned by clices, inc. >> on fox news watch, senate democrats push forward on their version of health care. >> we're really happy with this bill. we welcome a debate on this bill. >> have republicans been locked out of the debate? and do the media hold the keys? >> they plan to use this as a platform to mock us, to mock the american people. >> anger and concern over the plans to hold the trials in new york city. have they forgotten the pain? plans for u.s. troops in afghanistan, how will the media react? a catholic congressman feuds with the catholic church over
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abortion. >> guess which side. >> a former idol wannabe gives a sexually charged performance on abc and the disney owned network cuts the creepy scenes for half the country. is that the right thing to do? and charges of a global warming hoax surface after science's secret e-mail, most of the media e-mail of ignore the controversy. judy miller, cal thomas, jim pinkerton, fl low new american foundation and news day columnist, ellen. i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on right now >> our plan to save lives, saves money and saves medicare and they'll see the republican alternative, which i'm sorry to say is nonexistent. so, obviously he keeps our
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broken system just the way it is and lets it get even worse. >> senate majority leader hair i reid last week after democrats allowed debate on health care rye form to go forward in the full senate. jim, you have been following the debate on health care al year. harry reid is blaming republicans. is it his own party that's having the problems. >> the press is focusing on ben nelson and mary landrieu and joe lieberman and others, mostly negative because i think they're obstructing what the mainstream media sees as a central narrative of this, this is not a very good bill and it won't do any good, but we should be for it anyway. >> and as ed thomas of news week i think said, and that's sustaining them and what they're trying to do is crush the blue dog democrats. >> there has been little coverage. democrat health care reform proposal, is that because the
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media think won't pass? >> they don't. and the media is right about that. it's not going to pass. to me, i think they've done a great job covering the politics of that. it's the fact checking function to me has been woefully inadequate and wild claims. this isn't true, this isn't true, make your judgments. >> katie cuouric did some of other own and she did a parody of night before xhm, she wrote a poem, i guess she wrote it. here is one of the lines. the republican votes right now total zero, but a trigger could make one woman a hero. >> cal, what do you think? >> i would say it was the night before christmas and all through the of press not a creature was stirring and that's why i'm depressed. >> and right. >> to me the media have a social agenda and a political agenda that they use to advance their social agenda. whether it's nationalized health care fo everybody whether it
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works or not. same sex marriage, abortion, high spending and more. and if you understand that, you can filler the information you're getting through that prism. >> jeanie, do you agree that the mainstream media are sort of cheerleading health care reform? >> i think some of them are, some of them aren't. but i agree with elliss in that it's really something when you need to look to michael steele and the g.o.p. advertisement to find out how much money is being afforded and awarded in ear marks to people who are on the fence about this bill in congress. i mean, there was an allegation in michael steele's ad that louisiana was going to get 200 million dollars, the new louisiana purchase, exactly. is that true? is it not? i want to see more fact checking. >> it's not only true, mary landrieu in the spirit of louisiana, elliss knows this well, they're promised she says
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it wasn't 200 million, it's 300 million. >> is it corruption if you-- >> a philosophical question-- >> it's pay back for not getting paid for katrina. >> they deserve that. >> there are rasmussen polls shows support for health care reform as has been trumpeted in the u.s. senate. that support is dropping 56% there oppose it. why, if they've got so much media backing, if this idea has so much bead yeah backing, are the numbers dropping? >> i don't think they have it. i disagree, i agree with elliss, i think some people have been very, very objective and others haven't, but everybody is remiss in not doing all we can to find out how much this bill is going to cost, what are the provisions in it and why they're there. >> and elliss is so grateful for the support. rarely gets-- >> and can i score katie curric,
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she's not a great poet. but she summarized this effectively in 12 lines. and boiled down in a few lines. >> the leadership on capitol hill promised this was going to be an open process as they developed a health care bill. harry reid promised to be on c-span, full disclosure, this was about the obama administration, behind closed doors and the media hadn't followed up on that if the same way that if a republican made that promise and broke it. >> one exception one remarkable is david broder, 80, 8-0 years old and still working and calling them as he sees them and a minor war over harry reid, talking the language that they're talking about, hey, this thing is going to cost more than they reamlize. >> is this going to be covered when thanksgiving break is over and everybody comes back to
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washington? >> oh, yeah. >> yes, yes. >> yeah. >> certainly, certainly. >> and with the economy they better be. >> polls may show a drop in public support because people just want this thing over by now. they're tired of this story, right? >> and it is time for a break, but first, do you want to know what our panelists really think? during the break we keep the cameras rolling in the commercial. check out news watch. back in two minutes to talk about the terror trials coming to the media capital of the world. world. >> 9/11 terror trials headed for new york city and concerns growing over the terrorists getting the media spotlight. >> you're going to-- >> and congressman kennedy's feud with the catholic church gets some press. who do you think the media is who do you think the media is sidi [ female announcer ] olay regenerist is on a roll.
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>> this trial will be lawyer assisted jihad. this trial will be lawyer assisted jihad in the courtroom. >> debra burlingame, her brother was the pilot of the flight that crashed into the pentagon and september 11th. she's one of many furious over the obama administration's decision to put five of the september 11th terrorists on trial in new york city in a civilian federal court, among other points, critics of the idea the trials surely will become a media circus and provide a chance for terrorists to mock our country. the defense attorney close to the case admits the accused will use the opportunity to their benefit. >> to say that he is trying to get out his political views or his platform is, i think, a little bit misleading because the government is doing the same same thing and been doing it for eight years using its political platform to justify wars in
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iraq, in afghanistan, attacks of civilians in pakistan and i think it's hard to say that oh, these guys might get up for a kuchl days and say things that we disagree with in a federal courthouse in new york and somehow come dem that when we've been doing it for eight years now. >> a couple days? judy, you cover terrorism, national security issues, you've talked to 9/11 families. are we looking at the prospect the media helping these guys spout their propaganda. >> on this i disagree, i do not believe that these guys defending themselves in a civilian court is going to make anyone, anyone think that what they did was justified or appropriate or acceptable in a civilized society anywhere in the world. i'm not afraid of what they have to say. i think a lot of what they're planning to say will be ruled irrelevant and immaterial. i think this is a lot of very severe for nothing. >> you may have stolen elliss'
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line you wrote a column in which you say new yorkers aren't afraid of these trials. really, doesn't it have the potential to become a circus? >> there will be people expressing opinions, but don't forget the judges in the southern district of new york are not known for lax consumers, they'll keep things flowing very, develop well-focused i suspect. >> alice, every minute of courtroom time will be about ten hours of cable news time where these lawyers say the judge should me down inside the courtroom, now, three feet away outside the steps i'm having a press conference in which we talk about jihad. and-- >> and speaking of the chicago seven, let's remember a chant from that era, the whole world is watching and it's not about us and it's not about our system, it's about what the rest of the world is going to see, especially jihadists in
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training. it's going to be a political disaster for the president. i'm shocked that he signed off on this because there's no way he's going to benefit from it politically. >> a lot of show trials already, i think we'll get through this. >> what about the argument though, jim, what it's going to show is american jurisprudence in action and the fairness of the american system. >> we saw how the american jurisprudence system collapsed in the o.j. simpson system and buffoons made a farce. this is a farcical process whereas cal says, hundreds of millions of people who do think the 9/11 hijackers were the good guys in saudi arabia, yemen, pakistan wherever else that they want more of this not less now they're going to get to see them on international television, including al-jazeera.
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>> should we not let them have their say? >> you do war crimes trials and after you win your war. >> there you go, you know what, it's a messy business and some of this will be messy. this makes us look great to the world. >> we have a right to be proud. >> we have pretty good of, they wouldn't be coming here. >> americans get a vote on this, 2-1 against this and predict these trials will never happen. >> let them plead guilty. >> we'll check on that prediction in ten years or so whenever they bang the gavel. it's time for another break. we'll have more how the press is covering a kennedy and his church when it relates to the battle over abortion. whose side are they on? >> abc let this former idol contestant strut his stuff and more on live tv. then, they edited it out for the west coast. why the double standard? all next on news watch.
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>> oh all i am atrying to say to congressman kennedy and others who might be involved is to say if you're a catholic live up to your faith. understand what the church teaches, accept those teachings and live that faith. >> rhode island's roman catholic bishop talking with bill o'reilly tuesday about his request to congressman patrick kennedy. it was revealed this week that the bishop asked the congressman to abstain from taking communion because of kennedy's support for abortion rights, something that roman catholic doctrine, obviously, condemns. you wrote about this controversy for the fox forum this week, judy. do you think that the press are using it as an opportunity to
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beat up on the catholic church? >> once again some are, some aren't. however, i do think we have to salute the christian science monitor for pointing out that this is an old debate and one that cardinal rasinger and now pope benedict took up this issue with senator john kerry when he was running for president over his few on abortion rights and this keeps coming back and back and back. >> are the press taking sides. sure, they trash it when it doesn't. the washington times had a great lead editorial this week on wednesday, on this very issue and it noted that patrick kennedy wants the approval of the roman catholic church of which he is a member, when it comes to other issues that the church may agree with, poverty, war, all of these other things, but you don't get the approval or doesn't want the approval if it comes to the abortion issue, the most innocent of people. this came up also during the
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mario cuomo, when he accepted the churches teachings on the death penalty, but not abortion. can you have it both ways. >> went to catholic school and also a member of the press. i see no conflict there at all. bishop tobin is in minority. most of the bishops understand dollar the rigid line. they understand your duties to your religion and faith, hugely important, are different from what the politician is with the constituents. >> cafeteria theology, elliss, cafeteria theology. >> a story we've been watching for weeks, actually months now, will the president increase the number of troops sent to afghanistan?
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when will he do it? here is what happened when the president was asked about his decision on tuesday. >> will be sending to afghanistan, how you'll be paying for them and whether you'll be announcing a timetable and or exit strategy for them? >> i will be making an announcement to the american people about how we intend to move forward. i will be doing so shortly. >> we know now that the president will address the nation this coming tuesday. so, what about it, jim? have we gotten enough from the media about this decision making process and how this-- how much this is going to cost? >> i mean, if you stretch it out over, really, six months it's fair to say that every player in the contest will have an opinion and get it into the media. i think they've terribly mishandled this and let it been just bounced around from all sides on this and they're coming one a solution that isn't really going to solve anybody's problem and that they don't even really
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think is going to work because the same breath they say by the way, we're leaving. >> what happens to the next war as described by the president, judy? >> well, i think the president now understands the problem with becoming a prisoner of your own campaign rhetoric and the reason you're seeing some of these leaks, i believe, is that he's trying to innoculate his own party against what will be a decision to give more troops adds more troops to a war which many in his own party doesn't think is a good war, a necessary war at all. >> a pretty outrageous story came out in my view this week, three navy seals involved in capturing one of the most wanted bad guys in iraq, the guy supposedly responsible for planning the execution of four blackwater contractors, the seals are now facing charges because the guy somehow wound up with a bloody lip. is the media paying attention? >> an interesting contrast with ab ghraib. when george bush was president and republicans will running
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things in washington. it's a violation of human rights and brought up on charges and pictures all over the place now you've got a couple of navy seals who allegedly give a bloody lip to one of the scumbags. where is the outrage? only seeing it on fox and the new york post, i haven't discovered it anywhere else. >> another story making headlines this week, the controversy around a sexually suggestive performance at the music awards by adam lampert. he's openly gay, he performed live on abc. parts of the live performance were edited out by the network for the feed it sends to the west coast a couple of hours later. he criticized the network on his appearance on good morning america suddenly canceled and he was quickly booked by cbs's the early show. alice, that was a pretty provocative show that he put on there. did it belong on network television, first of all, or did abc make the right decision in editing it for the west coast feed?
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>> i don't shock too easily on these things. but this is just hype all-around. he did it for the attention, abc tried to deal with his pr thing, the medias cover it it's a dumb story that doesn't mean much. >> and janet jackson's super bowl act-- >> who cares, who cares? >> god bless rolling stone online which called it crotch rock. >> and a long way from put your head on your shoulders. >> to adam lambert put i remember head in my hoo-ha. >> when we come back, secret e-mails with climate change, how is that story playing in the press. >> the global warming debate gets the big chill after secret details reveal a possible farce, but the press seems to be giving the story the cold shoulder. the story the cold shoulder. re i've been growing algae for 35 years.
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>> trace: white house confirmed that president obama will travel to copenhagen for the united nationsk is on climate change. it came a day after a report was warning of quickly melting ice and carbon dioxide emissions and more. it featured some of the scientists that were what the press has dubbed climate gate. someone gained access to more than 1,000 e-mails involved with
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prominent scientists. whether they were hacked or released by a whistle-blower inside is still unclear. either way the e-mails hit the internet heating up more skepticism and accusations of collusion. here is sample of a climate scientist for atmospheric research. he wrote. the fact is we can't account for the warming at the moment and its travesty we can't. this is from phil jones who runs the climate research a university. i just completed mike's nature attempt of adding into the theories and from 1961 for keith to hide the decline. most in the media ignored this story. why? what do you think, jim? >> i think the environmentalism is the great phase of the secular liberal media. this is just a matter of doctrine to them that we have
11:59 pm
global warming. hats off to mark morano that did more than anybody else to get the 1,000 e-mails out. >> so when the media see these e-mails which show pretty big skrisms among scientists, is there a plead yeah predisposition to ignore that? >> i have nothing for you to climate change but please change your log in password and changes your nasty habits. >> there hasn't been a debate despite numerous changes to al gore who is the apostle of climate change. he won't debate anybody on it. much of the media searched this as if it is a religious doctrine. now when the e-mails are exposed we find this even more and more scientists who don't agree witness. >> as long as the people who are

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